Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter St…

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Brian By all means, this product is well made and good price. But the picture of the color is way off. I wanted a really dark brown just like the picture and when I reveived them the color was a redish orange brown. I called to let them know the color issue and the sales guy told me to ship them back and then they would give a full refund. When I learned that it was going to cost me $60 to return them I thought that was ridiculous! When I called back to explain That I was not going to throw away $60 just to return a product that wasn't even the color that I saw on line, the guy kept ummimg and making me feel like he couldn't do anything for me. After a few words and silent moments on the phone I ask to speak to a manager. The manager quickly took care of it. She said for me to donate the stools and she gave me a full refund. Then she took the time to look for stools that would match the color that I needed. Now I have to wait and see how that color is going to work out!

Isaac Some scuffs on the legs, and they are not even so the stools wobble. I will have to use a belt sander to even everything up.


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Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter St…

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