X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

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Mary Easy to set up and very comfortable. Easily fits in his man cave and the family room!

Yvette My son loves his gaming chair - the sound is amazing - very comfortable - I thought his friends would fight over who gets to sit in the chair, so I bought 2 - so glad I did!

Ginger This is now my 11-year old son's favorite seat in the house!

George This is now my 11-year old son's favorite seat in the house!

Tyler Erme In the description of the product under specifications and dimensions it is stated that this chair is compatible with xbox1. That it not the case. You need to buy an HDMI to component converter which would make the picture and sound quality almost identical to that of the xbox 360 which in and of itself is not necessarily a deal breaker but if you got the xbox1 for graphics or own an hdtv then this chair will waste those abilities. DO NOT BUY THIS FOR THE XBOX1! Chances are the other chairs that say they are compatible are actually not so I would suggest calling in to double check its compatible before you click buy.

Steve This Chair was very easy to order, even though I ordered the xRocker with the Pedastal, I received this chair instead. Definitely ships very quick. Sound is fantastic. My son has the Xbox 360 and the set up manual does tell ya how to set it up, but the manual does NOT give directons for set up with Satallite, and Xbox 360 to use the Chair and only have to hook it up to 1 system to utilize for the combination of all equiptment at the same time, you still have to unhook the Audio Cable and connect it to the next AV electronic you want to use next. It was very easy to figure out and hook up to the DISH Cable box, but not to the Xbox 360, or the Playstation 2. It took me a couple hours to figure out how to hook it up. When I called Customer Service 4x's all I got was a Voice Mail person. Otherwise, it's a great chair. I will be taking care of the incorrect chair that ordered to get the xRocker with the pedastal.

Tofy This product is great, but a little to big for young kids 12 and under. I don't like the fact that it does not have a bumper or something of that sort in the back of the chair to prevent it from rolling all the way back onto the floor. My kids found a solution to the problem by placing a heavy object behind the Rocker (like a chair, toy box or what ever). Other then that its a great game chair !

Benjamin The seating is very comfortable and the build feels like it can hold up okay. Assembling it was prettty easy and it only took minutes. Audio is average because the subwoofer is a little weak. I bought this specific chair because of convenient wireless audio. But turned out it did not work right. The wireless transmitter keeps turning off itself about 4,5 minutes. Turning power switch off/on gets it going for another 4,5 min each time. It's kind of annoying. And when it works the audio quality via wireless is pretty poor. It was not the batteries because I swaped out all good batteries I had but didn't help. I wish this chair model can come with a pocket to hold the wireless transmitter and extra cables around when needed. Different color choices for girls would also be nice. Due to this faulty wireless, I would not recommend this specific chair.

Teresa My son loves his new chair, its awesome. I am so glad I orderd this chair, I had did major research on all of them and read all of the customer reviews and this was by far the best one for the price, and it is a nice, very nice gaming chair, the only thing I wished was a more detailed instructions as to how to hook everything up, but with his new remodel of his room and my daughters room this will not be a problem cause of their new tvs that will be able to pick up everything, seeing it will have wifi and Bluetooth capabilities , but by far the best purchase I did, and will return for one more in the future for my daugthers room.

ANNE My son loved his chair until he realized it is not compatible with the XBox 1. No place for an HDMI either. Kind of a waste now. Too bad because he loved the chair. 3 stars because it is not compatible.


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X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

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