Sauder Graham Hill Desk, Autum Maple…

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office supplier This desk is awful, I thought the top of the hutch was very poorly put together, very upset on the quality, would not recommend. We returned this product.

Sofiya I bought two of this desks for my both boys. They are using it for at least 4 years now. Still looks new. Very stylist marble kind look with cherry finish. Very sturdy and well constructed. It took time to put it together, but that's with any piece of furniture you will buy. If you don't like assembling like other reviewer said, just pay money to store and they will assemble it for you. Best purchase.

bibnator I need a refund!!!!!!! The color is completely different from the picture. It was a dark cherry!! It did not match the rest of the room. I feel deceived and am very angry.


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Sauder Graham Hill Desk, Autum Maple…

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