Venture Horizon Oak Thin Man Pantry C…

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Kell This was a great buy for me. Has worked exactly as advertised. The only issue I had was when you put something heavy or just fill up a shelf the shelf would sag and come out of it's groove. This was remedied by taking everything off and putting some wood glue bought at the store. I used a pretty good amount and it has not happened again. I would suggest having more wood glue than what is supplied with the cabinet when putting together.

Mom in need of more storage space This pantry cart is made out of the cheapest particle board possible. when pushing the pieces together it chipped and broke so the wood dowels would not go in. There were 2 small tubes of glue sent...I had to use LIQUID NAILS along all edges and screw together. Very badly designed and not a good product. Now I will have to go and buy something else :( have a carpenter/cabinet maker make you a cart better. show them this pic and have one made out of REAL WOOD!!! Sturdy, what a concept


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Venture Horizon Oak Thin Man Pantry C…

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