Cape Craftsman TV Tray Set with Stand…

Updated at 12/7/2013 04:58:58 - Details

CDP Unfortunetly I will be returning this tray stand. They sent the wrong size bolts and when put in cracked the wood. I was actually willing to live with this until the whole stand started getting wobbly under the wieght of the trays. Love the trays becasue they match so well, so I will try for an exchange first, but would have been happier if the product worked the first time.

Anilat "Morel" I was very disappointed with this purchase. for the price i was expecting more quality.

gotta say cheap cheap quality. made in china what was i thinking.

The table stand broke the first day. my husband was trying to assemble it and one of the legs cracked. we had to return it. VERY disappointed.


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Cape Craftsman TV Tray Set with Stand…

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